Sublimation or DTG

So you might be wondering what the difference is between sublimation and DTG.

With sublimation tees, the ink is infused into the shirt. You literally cannot feel it. The ink will outlast the shirt itself. It will never crack or peel. But sublimation has limitations - colored designs can only go on light colored shirts, black designs can go only go on light and medium colored shirts. There are no black or dark colored shirts, and no white ink. Shirts will have a vintage look (the mockups do not display this).

With DTG or direct to garment tees, the ink is laid on top of the shirt. The ink does have a slight feel on the shirt but its very light. There are no limitations to shirt color or design. We can also offer a larger selection of brands and shirt styles. 

Still unsure of which to choose? Contact us and we can talk through your needs.